How has your website held up during & after the slow roll out of the Panda 4.1 update?

Panda 4.1

Google released their eagerly anticipated Panda 4.1 update on September 25th and as it worked its way through websites like a slow burning fuse the more we experienced the aftermath, good or bad.

Google had previously advised us on past Panda updates to make the necessary content changes to our websites in order to climb the rankings safely.

There really was no reason to be penalised on this occasion

Considering all the facts and information readily available, you should have been able to reduced your risk factor!

That said, it is of no help if you are one of the unlucky ones, so, going forward how do you rectify a website that has been found not be complying to Google ?

Following guidelines that Google has set goes without saying, here they are for your reference, putting a real emphases on original content is key, giving visitors a unique experience when they visit your website and how does your site stand out from the crowd? don’t complicate things, keep it user friendly, with a natural flow.

It is good to keep in mind, that after completing the all-important corrections/updates on your website, that it won’t just hop skip and jump up the rankings on completion, it may be a slow process being picked up by Google crawlers and it may not gain any significant mileage until Google release their next Panda update.

If you did heed the warnings and made the correct improvements after the release of the previous Panda update 4.0, then you should be sitting pretty and experiencing the reward for playing by the Google rules – an increase in rankings, higher sales and growing revenue! “Happy Days”

If you would like any help or advice on Panda updates or if would simply like us to carry out a risk assessment on your website, then please speak to Lee Thomas on 01483 267915.

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