The value of good Corporate Photography

corporate womenThe use of photography within the world of business is most important for the marketing and promotion of a company/organisation. Due to the popularity of social media the use of good quality shots are expected, and carry more weight when a user is viewing a website or any marketing material.

Corporate & commercial photography covers all business related photo imagery, whether it be used in brochures, promotional products, business cards, websites, or social media etc.

We need to create the right message to clients and this can I think only be captured by a professional photographer.

Here are a few examples of the benefits of using a professional photographer against doing it yourself:-


  • Create your creative message through photography
  • Consistent imagery for your brand
  • A professional eye for composition
  • Correct photography and lighting equipment
  • Professional editing
  • Good reflection on the company


  • Not having the knowledge to present the message through photography competently
  • Using equipment that is not correct for the job
  • Bad lighting
  • Poor quality photography
  • Unprofessional job
  • Bad reflection on the company


By working closely with your company a photographer will get a real sense of what you want to portray through images, hence capturing the message clearly and precisely. For brand recognition it is important to maintain consistency throughout all marketing aspects.

A professional photographer, obviously arrives with all the necessary equipment for creating the perfect image, as I am sure you are aware the lighting side of photography is incredibly important along with good direction.

With professional photo manipulation (editing),you can create exciting additional effects after the original photo has been taken,enhancing the image and adding new aspects.

The main reason for employing the services of a professional photographer is to present your organisation and the services you offer to the public or other business and gain more revenue.

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