‘Insure’ your business stands out from the crowd


Insurance is necessary. Everybody needs it.


And to the average buyer it’s not a purchase decision they relish. On top of this the market place is saturated. Consumers are spoilt for choice. So how do you attract new customers? Good question.

You could do what every other site does and tell the customer how amazing your customer service is, or that your knowledge is second to none. In fact the very same things that every other website promises.

But there are things that you can do that really do help generate new leads. We are not talking good copy or good photographs. That’s a given.

It’s deeper than that.

We are talking about how you can create a lasting and memorable experience with a client so they want to work with you, provide their email address and get in touch.

It’s about differentiating yourself from your competitors. Most consumers investigate several sources before making a purchase decision. Your potential client will be comparing you with your competitors. Make sure they choose you.

So let’s think about how this can be achieved.

Coming up are six tips that the Creative Wizards at Ardent Creative recommend for insurance websites (with over 30 years experience they are well worth a read)…


Get a

It’s obvious, but you’d be amazed how many don’t have one. No ifs, no buts.

If your site does not work on a mobile you will be penalised in search results by all the major search engines – and your potential customer will not enjoy trying to resize the page to see content, plus you will look really out dated and the number browsing on mobile is over 50% and this number is growing.



Make it easy for a client to easily search and find what they need. Clear calls to action and logical navigation, further more don’t forget one of the most important and often overlooked page – the about us.

Your website is your opportunity for you to engage with customers and show the personality behind the brand. Use site structure to help make a potentially faceless and site instantly engaging and human.


Consider the

People visiting a web page are all looking for different things – through great design, placement of text and imagery you can easily and seamlessly direct a potential (or existing) client to find the relevant information they need in as few a number of clicks as possible.

Ecommerce sites are experts at this. Follow their lead, and if possible run A/B testing to find what strategy and design works best.


Add to

As well as offering your service, steer away from being perceived as purely a sales channel by offering useful content – be that an eBooks, video or whitepapers. Your potential customer will thank you for quality free information, and this is also a great way to collect customer contact details and email as a lead generation strategy.



A few years ago we published a study called ’50 Shades of Blue’ – a tongue in cheek look at how professional service sites are predominantly blue and – dare we say it – boring.

Things have moved on and many clients now embrace a richer palette and designs – but there are ways that you can help your design that is consistent with the brand and still look different.

Show you are current by making sure that you have a regular blog post or news section – adding interest this will also greatly enhance SEO – even more so if the content is socially shareable and also able to be commented on.


Don’t tell –

Nothing tells you more about a business than its social signs – Twitter Facebook, and in many cases genuine customer feedback.

There are many ways you can enhance how you as a business is perceived. If you don’t have an in house team managing your social presence then definitively consider outsourcing – it’s money well spent. The key takeaway is whatever you do keep it real. That’s real feedback (the good and bad) – and real followers. Don’t fake anything and keep your integrity and you will reap the rewards that this brings.

There you have it, our six tips for a great lead generating digital presence.

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If you would like to discuss your brand, website or digital marketing with us please call

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