Impress the boss with your Web Marketing knowledge

The words “Web Marketing” hold many different meanings for people, but essentially it is the promotion of your company via the wonderful world of the internet.


web-marketing-imageDuring the last few years there has been an ever growing participation in web marketing. Companies are now realising the potential it holds in terms of company exposure and sales.

But, for anyone that is just dipping their toe into the web marketing world I have put together some different web marketing methods and a brief explanation of how they work.


  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google plus etc.

The phenomenon that is social media is a very powerful tool to your marketing arsenal, you can share whatever you want, whenever you want, whether its company news, offers, services, images or just a comment, the opportunities are endless. Within seconds it is out in the universe being “liked” “re-tweeted” by other people, thus spreading your message further and wider, creating potential sales and promoting your company brand “brilliant”.

This is an adaptable and usable way of communicating with clients and potential new customers. It does what is says on the tin, you invest in some email marketing software and your off – sending out periodic e mailers to existing clients and potential, again informing them of any news, upcoming offers, competitions, company services etc. Sending these emails keeps your company at the forefront of people’s minds, creating relationships and increasing sales.

SEO is a major player in your web marketing strategy. SEO is a practice that aims to increases the visibility of your website by pushing it up the search engine rankings i.e. Google & Bing. The more visible your site the more visitors you get and the more sales you create.

SEO Tips for your Website – An important aspect of SEO is to make sure your website is as Google friendly as possible, so they look favorably on your site & enhance its ranking.

The following SEO tips are a great starting point, easy to implement and will have a positive impact.

  1. Make the contents of your website user friendly (meaning easy to use and understand)
  2. Make sure your keywords are in your contents
  3. Periodically change contents & images
  4. Keep your contact page up to date
  5. Blog
  6. Open Social Media accounts and use them regularly, building followers

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