The Importance of Client Relationships

Importance of client RelationshipForming strong relationships is crucial in any client-centric industry. Taking the time to develop a foundation from which to build a solid understanding of one-another is often carelessly overlooked. Here at Ardent, we enjoy getting to know our clients. Not just because we genuinely take interest in the people we are working with, but also to better grasp how to help our clients’ digital marketing requirements.

We’re proud to announce that Mackenzie Smith is celebrating their 25th year in business. We’ve been working with them for 15 of those years.

It was Ed Mackenzie Smith and Stephen Tetlow who founded the estate agency company in 1992; bringing years of property industry experience to their own company. Mackenzie Smith today, operate out of several branches across the North Hampshire and Surrey border; combining their brick and mortar presence alongside establishing a solid online reputation throughout the key property websites, social media strategies and email marketing opportunities.

Their grasp for recognising the importance of adapting their approach to marketing properties has given Ardent Creative opportunity to implement effective digital marketing strategies to bridge the gap between traditional and modern approaches to property sales and acquisition.

Client Relationships

An important aspect of building client relationships lies in setting realistic expectations. Indeed, the phrase “fake it till you make it” is often thrown around, but in most cases, being honest in saying you aren’t able to do something, will contribute to developing a better relationship than promising you can and never delivering.

It’s true that you could perhaps work alongside several different clients on a regular basis, but treat them like just another name and number on your contact list isn’t going to nurture anything worthwhile. Instead, recognise that these people are choosing to associate, and in many ways, trust you with their brand. The brand they care just as much as you do the company you work for.

It’s often easy to forget the hard work you may have put into sourcing and acquiring clients. Instead, choosing to constantly keep working at bringing new clients into the business, whilst neglecting existing client relationships. Keeping your clients happy should be a foremost priority, not just to continue the security of their account, but perhaps generate new leads through positive word-of-mouth referrals.

In fact, Mackenzie Smith credit some of their success at their approach to treating clients as though “they were our only one”.  Something which is especially imperative in a business that can often prove extremely stressful for sellers and buyers alike. An indication, perhaps, why they have acted for thousands of clients, and continue to be highly recommended by friends, family and corporate clients.

In celebration of their monumental milestone, Mackenzie Smith hosted a black-tie event at Tylney Hall earlier in the month. Ed Mackenzie Smith, who heads up the Land Department alongside his role as Managing Director,  spoke fondly of the company’s 25 years, as well as surviving the pitfalls of the 2008 recession.

They remain excited at entering a new chapter in their business, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the firm in the years to come.

If you have found this blog post interesting and you would like to have a client relationship with Ardent, like we have with Mackenzie Smith.
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